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At PT in balance, performance represents the actual training phase which you execute together with your personal trainer no matter whether you choose performance free or performance EMS. It is very important to us that we maintain a long-term communication between client and trainer as it is the crucial basis to define goals and set priorities within training sessions, without neglecting the current mood or well-being oft the client nor the individual performance level.

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With EMS training (electro-myo-stimulation), all skeletal muscles are stimulated and trained simultaneously in just 20 minutes. Another advantage is an innovative dry suit from Visonbody. Just get dressed, get started and save time!

Your benefits with EMS:

• Electrical impulses stimulate all major muscle groups – agonists and antagonists are activated at the same time
• EMS is like a turbo and ensures a particularly intense training experience
• Helps you lose weight: EMS builds muscle and lowers body fat percentage
• The impulses reach the deep-lying muscles and thus act against complaints in the back and strengthen the pelvic floor

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Implements a wide spectrum of smaller training equipments. We recommend this type of training for clients that want to train several times a week or cannot perform performance EMS. With this type of training the body learns to be free and independent, no matter the goal, starting point or level of performance. Clients get a regular strength training program tailored to personal needs, combined with neurological and functional elements for health-oriented people, post-rehabilitants and athletes.

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