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Triggerpoint treatment

Permanent incorrect posture, improper strain or overload on the muscles during everyday life has been proven to lead to a lot of tension and cramping within these msucles, which results in a deficient blood flow in these specific areas. All aspects together develop pain, which worsens the tension of the muscles and leads to a vicious circle over time.

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With our specially made trigger board, the treatment of tension can be controlled simply and easily. This increases motivation and makes training easier. You can handle and solve your trigger points in the following places:

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Trigger point

• Head
• Neck
• Shoulder
• Back
• Chest
• Buttocks
• Hip
• Thighs
• Calf

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Muscle length training

Our mobility parcours is a circuit consisting out of six different devices for a holistic mobilization training. Our clients receive a detalied briefing and tips for improvement while they are under regular supervision. Mobility training promotes good blood circulation and a better basic supply of the muscles, relieves ligaments, tendons and capsules on the joints, ensures improvement in posture, relieves tension and additionally helps the muscles to look more aesthetic due to a longer and slimmer optic.

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